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Watercolour Coaching Call - 1 hour

£ 30.00 GBP

Talk to me today about your watercolour problems on a private Skype or Zoom coaching call. Get answers to your immediate painting problems with me - Alison Fennell. I have a wealth of teaching and painting experience and knowledge and specialise in beginner issues.

I'm all ears! Tell me what issues you are having with watercolour and I will give you personal input and specific suggestions for your watercolour study.

I write for Leisure Painter Magazine - the UK's best-selling art magazine and I focus on helping novices get going confidently and capably in watercolour

Since 2015 I have been a feature writer for Leisure Painter magazine - specialising in easy and accessible watercolour beginner tutorials
End struggle, frustration and get clear on what you are doing wrong and go forward with your watercolour!

Your 1 hour coaching call will include:-

  • time for you to tell me where you are with watercolour
  • an opportunity for you to ask all those questions you have but cannot find specific answers to
  • the chance to show me in real time specific work you are currently struggling with for me to give you immediate advice
  • a sympathetic, patient and pleasant counsellor to give you a pep talk if you need it - I will be on your side!
  • offerings of advice for next steps on your watercolour journey

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