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Watercolour Beginner's Course - Fanning the Flames of Fall

£ 65.00 GBP

Fanning the Flames of Fall is a complete basic watercolour course for beginner watercolourists Do you dream of being able to confidently handle this gorgeous medium but don't know where to start? Do you wish you could express yourself and the beauty of autumnal berries, leaves and pods but need help on every aspect of watercolour? The time for dreaming and wishing is over. I will take you slowly and thoroughly through the whole watercolour process.

At the end of this course you will have clear and confident abilities in:-

  • how to use and maintain your materials and equipment thanks to in-depth explanations
  • how to mix the main 4 dilutions and consistencies of paint to help you paint like a pro
  • how to wet your paper by understanding the main 4 conditions of paper
  • how to stretch watercolour paper
  • how to know the optimum moment to apply paint and how to control it - watercolour is all about timing!
  • how to create 3-D form with watercolour shading and paint believable shadows
  • how to continue to teach yourself long after you have completed this course! - empower yourself for further art enlightenment

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