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Semi-Abstract Watercolour Beginner Landscape Course

£ 95.00 GBP

Semi-Abstract Watercolour Beginner Landscape Course In a Nutshell – How to Paint a Semi-Abstract Landscape What this Course Is and What this Course Isn’t This is a course for beginner watercolour landscape artists painting in a semi-abstract style. People wanting to paint in this way usually want to express something other than an exact replica of what they see before them. They may feel a huge emotion when coming upon a vista and want to render that in landscape form. Their love of certain colours or shapes may move them to exaggerate that aspect of a particular landscape. Others may wish to evoke a mood and simply use the scene befor ethem as a starting point for their imaginations.

This is a course for those of you who would like to paint without apology or justification either to yourself or others.

It is for people looking for freedom - freedom to find their own type of beauty and pleasure and self-expression in the semi-abstract landscape.

We will not include people, animals, buildings, farmland nor bodies of water.

This is pure terra firma without any trace of mankind!

Learn how to simplify and start with semi-abstract landscapes!

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