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Original Watercolour Painting - Mount Fuji - Japan - unframed

£ 45.00 GBP

Original Watercolour Painting - Mount Fuji - Japan - approx 8x3.5 inches ( 20cm x9cm) - comes unframed. Transport yourself to the east with my original take on Mount Fuji.

I added drama with a huge red sun and let the snow-capped mountain rise up to meet it.

This is for th elover of all things Japanese. An original watercolour painted on the inimitable Two Rivers handmade cotton rag paper. Made 1 sheet at a time in a 400 year old mill in Somerset I chose this paper because it is the most wonderful support for the medium of watercolour. Enjoy a piece of original and not mass produced art direct from the artist.

Thank you.


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