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Original Watercolour Cheetah painting - UK artist - shop now

£ 75.00 GBP

Original Watercolour Cheetah painting - UK artist - shop now. Dimensions - 8.5x10.5 inches in portrait format to accentuate the slinky prowl of this cheetah! Add a classical safari note to your space with this original watercolour painting. I wanted to evoke the elegant grace and long-legged beauty of this spotted big cat. Her belly glows with reflected light bounced up from the floor of the African plains and her swishing tail flicks languidly from side to side as she sashays along in the blistering heat.

This original cheetah watercolour was painted by me over a period of days on exquisite handmade cotton and linen 200lbs watercolour paper. Each sheet is made by hand. A mould is used to strain out the generous helping of cotton pulp that is that compressed for hours between felts in an antique press.

The paper is by Two Rivers Paper Company - an award winning artisan paper company and 1 of only 2 functioining paper-making mills left in the UK. So know that this paper will show your cheetah off to its best as it is acid free and will not yellow.

  • original watercolour painting - this is the only one of its kind
  • painted on the best handmade 100% cotton/linen mould made paper from the UK
  • signed by the artist
  • comes rigidly packaged for total protection
  • support indie artists with this purchase
  • receive additional arty goodies in your cheetah package:)

I ship the next day so please know your cheetah will not be kept waiting around and will be dashing (the way cheetahs do) to you to spend what I hope will be many happy years in your company!



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