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Issue 8 Summer 2022 "Presence" The Pottering Artist Magazine (Digital PDF Download)

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Issue 8 Summer 2022 "Presence" The Pottering Artist Magazine (Digital PDF Download). Goes great with a cup of tea! The perfect arty read for the discerning artist who wants more than a mag packed full of ads. Words used by readers to describe The Pottering Artist - inspirational, creative, childlike, liberating, allowing, encouraging, unique, stand-out, maverick, ground-breaking, soulful, authentic, intimate, trail-blazing, gleeful and more...

Tilly's Top Titles - indulge your love of reading with reviews on art, creativity and lifestyle books page 4

Watercolour Woodland Sprite Demo page 6

Tao Te Ching Philosophy page 8

Colour Crossing - Harness the power of complementary colours page 9

Barmy for Beach Huts - Palette Generators & Pastel Demo page 12

Feeling Your Way with Faces - A Value & Design Approach page 16

Framed by Foliage - Creating Simple Watercolour Overlap page 21

Resource Rummage - Glassine paper and charcoal powder page 24Why do People Paint? - Therapeutic & Creative Benefits of Art page 25

Fingerbobs & the Fun of Felted Puppets page 27

Shoemaker as Folktale Archetype & Pen and Wash Shoes page 28

Dream doorways & powerful portals - Where will a doorway take you? page 31

Loafing Locations - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA & Painting from the Past page 32

Tales from Terrier Cabin - Part 4 page 34

Outlines for all tutorials page 37


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