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Issue 7 "Inwards" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download)

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Issue 7 "Inwards" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download) Goes great with a cup of tea! The perfect arty read for the discerning artist who wants more than a mag packed full of ads!! Words used by readers to describe Pottering About - inspirational, creative, childlike, liberating, allowing, encouraging, unique, stand-out, maverick, ground-breaking, soulful, authentic, intimate, trail-blazing, gleeful and more...

"The art magazine that bares its soul so that you may norish yours"

What's in Issue 7 "Inwards"!

1 Exploring the concept of the wooden doll in art and fairytales via Coppelia and The Stepford Wives with a brief detour to paint some lavish acrylic floral head-dresses too.

2 Book review of lesser known art and creativity books including "Creative Authenticity" - a book that gave me many artistic answers for which I was searching.

3 Nesting is an idea that I mull over and includes childhood egg-collecting, Russian nesting dolls, real life nesters including birds and humans plus the creative nest in our heads where ideas and visions hatch...

4 Resource Rummage includes a review of the weighty brass Hovel pencil plane, Golden Mean calipers and the witch black mirror.

5 A life-long favourite of mine is the motif - and particularly the European folk one. Enjoy activities including symmetrical motif building and a whirlwind tour of the power of pattern including my stripey 70's hot-pants, the Scandinavian phenomenon of rosmaling and more.

6 See 1 above
7 Do you have a book to which you return again and again? Has there been a novel that has ben a soul- satisfying constant? In this article I explore John Updike's The Witches of Eastwick and my obsession with his painterly prose of things small town New England, the female psyche and the magnetic appeal of the minutae of daily life.
8 Paint a potent scarlet ladybird to hone basic watercolour skills.

9 Do your inner and outer faces match or are they a bit of a mis-match? I look at how we can often spend a lot of life barking up the wrong tree and ways to find the right one.

10 In Loafing Locations I take you back to Florence when I was a student. It will come to light that fate may have been influential in a special purchase at the world famous Ponte Vecchio.

11 Finally - we are back again for episode 3 of Tales from Terrier Cabin - where the dogs - having settled into a serene rustic routine suddenly find that being far from medical help presents worry and challenges when Tilly falls ill...


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