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Issue 7 "Inwards" The Pottering Artist Magazine (Digital PDF Download)

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Issue 7 "Inwards" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download). Goes great with a cup of tea! The perfect arty read for the discerning artist who wants more than a mag packed full of ads. Words used by readers to describe The Pottering Artist - inspirational, creative, childlike, liberating, allowing, encouraging, unique, stand-out, maverick, ground-breaking, soulful, authentic, intimate, trail-blazing, gleeful and more...

  • Doll archetypes examined via Coppelia with an acrylic trio of floral maidens
  • Nesting habits of humans and animals revealed
  • Flourishes and scrolls announce a feature on European folk motifs with personal anecdotes
  • Using excerpts from The Witches of Eastwick I share my personal responses and artistic desires
  • How your inner identity is faring?
  • Making it matter - a trick to get your mojo back
  • Scarlet ladybird tutorial in watercolour
  • Settle in for part 3 of "Tales from Terrier Cabin" where Tilly binds her book of magic then falls ill, needing a black flyagaric cure...
  • Creativity book reviews, Resource Rummage examines a pencil plane, Golden Mean calipers and the Black Mirror. Loafing Locations featuring Florence, Italy and more...


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