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Issue 6 "Beckoning" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download)

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Please note this is a Digital PDF Download. Gentle Forays into Drawing, Painting and Life. Are you looking for an art awakening? Do you want to spend tranquil times exploring your artistic preferences? Sink into Issue 6 of The Pottering Artist and feel your creative pulse and honour your creative curiosity one peaceful project at a time.

  • Diving deep with fanciful frogs from initial doodles to an imaginary toad cottage
  • Get the Golden Mean - an appealing format for your work
  • Explore bottlescapes to compose well
  • Honouring Brian Wildsmith - illustrator extraordinaire and saviour of supply teachers
  • Encouraging artistic liberation in very young children and our older selves
  • Caribbean Cornucopia - paint a simple fruity still life in watercolour
  • Immerse yourself into part 2 of "Tales from Terrier Cabin" where Tilly makes the Book of All and they settle in by feeding their forest friends
  • Creativity book reviews
  • Resource Rummage examines gouache
  • Loafing Locations featuring medieval Sarlat-le-Caneda in France and more...


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