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Issue 6 "Beckoning" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download)

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Please note this is a Digital PDF Download Gentle Forays into Drawing, Painting and Life. Are you looking for an art awakening? Do you want to spend tranquil times exploring your artistic preferences? Sink into Issue 6 of The Pottering Artist and feel your creative pulse and honour your creative curiosity one peaceful project at a time.

Arty read for inspiration!

Learn about my concept process and how my ideas flow in a series on frogs.

Acquire watercolour know how with 2 beautiful step by step tutorials - a still life and a floral.

Glean facts about gaudy, gleeful gouache and sink into the colourful world of children's illustrator Brian Wildsmith.

Pore over my sketchy bottlescapes as I plan with the Golden Rectangle and Spiral and show you how to use the Fibonacci Sequence for cosmic composition.

Refresh your mind with creative book reviews and shift the way you think about children's art and finally

Settle in to part 2 of my Tales from Terrier Cabin story. This time Dotty and Tillyhelp a beaver and a moose, discover a talking cauldron, clean and nest at the cabin,chop birch for the coming winter, give a feast for their forest friends and initiate a magical book project with an unseen helping hand.


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