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Issue 3 "Rooted" The Pottering Artist (Digital PDF Download)

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Please note this is a Digital PDF Download. Gentle forays into drawing, painting and life. Join me as I refill my creative well. Acquire art skills and explore your artistic soul. Try mindful approaches and in-depth tutorials to help you perceive and produce more authentic work.

The art magazine that bares its soul so that you may nourish yours.

In this issue...

  • Mixed media book cover project - what favourite read would you illustrate?
  • Buttery soft pastel tutorial on ravishing root vegetables
  • Exploring the eco-friendly root cellar
  • Gaudy and childlike tissue root veggie collage to push your creative boundaries
  • Spin your own yarn in art with a cherished folktale brought to life in mixed media
  • Creativity book reviews
  • Resource Rummage examines types of soft pastel.
  • Loafing Locations featuring the streets of New York

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