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Do you want to be the artist of your dreams but don't know where to start?
Do you admire art and wish you could express your impressions with it?
Are you overwhelmed by what, how and why you'd like to paint?
I am here to help you

Let me show you the way. In slow, clear and methodical steps I'll signpost the trail for you with watercolour wisdom, practice and direction.
You will jettison uncertainty and soak up skills.
Art is a personal journey so comparing yourself to another is pointless.
Let these courses be all about YOU as you finally get to understand art once and for all! My sole aim is to leave you feeling enlightened, empowered and encouraged.
You will absorb what you need to continue independently with your artistic awakening as you paint in the comfort of your own space.
Please contact me with any queries at all about what you will gain from studying with me.


Awaken your inner artist
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