Effortless Emergence - How Nature Shows Us the Way to Arrive

Strive less and still succeed

On this chilly final February morning I was on the return journey home with Tilly when - to my left - on a neighbour's lawn - I spotted a single, snow-white crocus. It was alone in the grass and it stopped me in my tracks - bringing a smile to my face as it did so. It was so serene and simple. Its presence declared "I am here" and nowhere was teh sign of stress or struggle to arrive at that fresh and fine floret. It just made me think of how I have been so embroiled in striving for many goals in my work lately and wearing myself out that this quiet bloom made me come to my senses. As I finished the last leg of my walk I agreed with myself to just push a little less and reflect a little more on what I am doing each day. I hope to trust that as long as I go generally and more gently in the direction of my goals that the results will emerge with a little less effort and a lot more grace.

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Alison Fennell

My animals are created individually by me using only Epson archival paper and ink and printer. I do not mass produce.


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